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The 2019 Global Learning Technology Investment Patterns

Global learning technology investments in 2018 reached an unprecedented $16.34 billion. Yet this pales in comparison to the investment totals of 2019. A breathtaking $18.66 billion flowed to edtech companies around the world in 2019.


Metaari (formerly Ambient Insight) has developed a precise learning technology product categorization schema based on pedagogical principles, data science, and information architecture. Our taxonomy is the backbone of our data repository. 

What Clients Have to Say

 "Metaari (formerly Ambient Insight) consistently publishes the most precise quantitative data on the global learning technology market in the industry. We have operations in over 80 countries and have an extensive research archive, but their market research is much more comprehensive."
T. Jeffreys, British Council, UK

Metaari's 2019 Advanced Learning Technology Research Taxonomy

In general, Cognitive Learning products can be divided into two broad categories: products designed to improve cognitive functions in  healthy people and products designed to mitigate cognitive deficiencies caused by disability or traumatic injury.

Metaari's 2020 Overview of Cognitive Learning Products

Metaari publishes a range of whitepapers on the global learning technology industry including a detailed annual analysis on international learning technology investment patterns (published in the first week of Janaury each year), emerging markets, learning technology innovations, and buying behavior for six buying segments: consumers, corporations, PreK-12 schools, higher education institutions, federal government agencies, and state/provincial & municipal government agencies.