We Identify Revenues for Advanced Learning Technology Suppliers

Metaari's Research Taxonomy

Metaari (formerly Ambient Insight) is an ethics-based market research firm that identifies revenue opportunities for learning technology suppliers. Over several decades, Metaari principals have refined a sophisticated learning technology product categorization schema. Our research taxonomy is the backbone of our quantitative data repository. We track the learning technology markets in 122 countries. We have the most complete view of the international learning technology market in the industry. Metaari focusses solely on advanced learning technology research on products that utilize psychometrics, cognitive computing, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and augmented reality.

We are Unique...

We are the only research firm in the industry that has developed a precise learning product taxonomy based on pedagogy, data science, and information architecture. We specialize in advanced learning technology.

and Precise

We are a quantitative research firm. Quantitative market research is an empirical process in which deductive mathematical models are used to identify and calibrate statistically-valid variables that are used to identify revenue opportunties. We provide our clients with precise actionable data.


We do not endorse specific suppliers or products. None of our syndicated research is influenced, sponsored, or subsidized by suppliers. We do not evaluate, compare, or rank products. All of the proprietary information that our clients have shared with us is kept in strict confidence.